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Most Common Questions About CloudFit FAQ
Most Common Questions About CloudFit FAQ

Frequently asked questions answered in one place. FAQ

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All your most common questions about CloudFit in one place!

Does CloudFit allow you to Display different things on different screens?

Yes. Our propriety platform allows you to do this easily. In fact it's the default configuration. CloudFit will automatically spilt and display your exercises across any available screens.

How does CloudFit display things across different screens?

Each display has its own hardware, you will need to install the CloudFit TV app on each of these devices. Each CloudFit TV receives its own instructions and assets that it needs to display.

Do I need an Apple TV / Chromecast with Google TV for each TV?

Yes, you will need to purchase one for each TV.

I have an Android Phone, will it work with Apple TV or vice versa?
Yes, CloudFit will work cross different platforms. You can even mix and match devices depending on your needs and requirements.

Can I display the same thing across different screens?

Yes, we call this "mirror mode". It's most commonly used for things like warm ups and instructor based workouts. Each section of the workout can be programmed independently using our modular workout builder to either split the exercises across available screens or display the same thing on each screen.

What is a module in CloudFit and how do I use them to build my workouts?

CloudFit workouts are all built using modules. Think of each module as a section of the workout. Each module has its own unique programming and customisations. You can mix and match modules however you want.

An example of a simple workout might be:

5min Warm up: Flow Module, all mirrored, same display exercises one after another

20min Circuit: Circuit Module, spilt exercises across available displays using a 40/20 timer.

Is CloudFit just for circuit training?

No, CloudFit partners come in all shapes and sizes; these include but not limited to; Sports teams, Boxing, EMS Training, CrossFit, HiiT, LiiT, 24x7 Gyms, Hotel Gyms, Schools, Women's Only Gyms, Strength and Conditioning, Osteopaths, Allied Health, One on One Personal Training, Garage Gyms, Pilates, Yoga, Outdoor Bootcamp, Martial Arts Gyms, Small Chains, Big Chains, Mobile Personal Trainers, Corporate Wellness.

Each and every CloudFit customer is different and their training styles vary accordingly.

Can I use CloudFit for online personal training?

No, not really. CloudFit was designed from the ground up as a B2B platform. We help fitness facilities train clients in person.

Where can I download CloudFit?

You can download CloudFit to your phone by searching on the App Store. Or you can just click this link.

I want to use CloudFit on my computer and/or don't want to install the app.

You can access CloudFit through any browser without installing anything: App.CloudFit.Tv

Can I program workouts in advanced?

Yes, you can create and program as many CloudFit workouts as you want. You can even save them to folders for easy access and management.

Who creates the workouts?

You do. Your workouts and your clients are unique to you. We don't tell you how to run your business, CloudFit was created to adapt to your needs, not the other way around.

Does CloudFit include timers?

Yes, CloudFit automatically displays and includes timers for each section of your workout.

I don't need timers, I just want to use CloudFit to display the exercise videos. Can I do that?

Absolutely, we have many customers that simple want to use CloudFit as a display without the timers. You can switch the timers in certain modules such as Timebox.

Is CloudFit REALLY free to use? What's the catch?

There's no catch. CloudFit really is free to use forever. We do have Business plans which allow further customisations of the platform to suit your brand.

Can I trial CloudFit in my facility?

Yup, go ahead. Just download the app and give it a go! link

How do I subscribe to a Business Plan?

You can easily subscribe on our website:

What if I don't like it? Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, unlike other vendors we don't lock you into weird and long contracts. If you're not 100% happy with CloudFit you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Your Success is Our Success; is at the core of everything we do. We know we can't be a successful company if we don't support your success.

Our facility has multiple rooms; do I need additional CloudFit subscriptions?

A CloudFit subscription allows you to manage a single workout timeline at a time. If you need to run two seperate classes, then you will need two seperate subscriptions.

If however your class is in two seperate areas, but work off the same timers you might be able to get by with one subscription.

Can I share my account with my trainers?

Yes, you can share your account with as many trainers as you need. They can all access and control your system using the same account. We recommend a shared generic account for your facility and also a shared phone or iPad which all trainers can use.

CloudFit videos are great, but I really want to use my own.

You can easily record and upload your own videos to use on the CloudFit platform using your phone. You can mix and match your videos with ours to create the perfect workout.

I have multiple facilities, does CloudFit have a way for me to manage multiple locations?

Yes, you can share CloudFit workouts easily with any other user. However if you need automatic sharing and management across multiple facilities (5+ locations) then it's probably best send an email to our Enterprise Sales team.

Do you have Heart Rate monitoring or integrations with platforms that do this?

We don't currently have a Heart Rate Monitoring solution. But we might be working on some top secret stuff. You'll just have to wait and find out!

Is it all really that simple?

Yes. Yes. Yes. We know you're not tech people, you are business people and fitness people. We've spent a lot of R&D into making complex technology problems simple to use and understand so that you don't have to fiddle around.

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