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Getting Started with CloudFit - Step by Step
Getting Started with CloudFit - Step by Step

The key steps to getting started

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Welcome to CloudFit! We're excited you decided to join us and don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or need help with anything.

There are several parts to CloudFit, let's go through each step by step.

1. The CloudFit controller / mobile application

CloudFit is controlled by an easy to use application that works on your smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet (iPad or Android) or web application (via desktop web browser). Make sure you install the application on your device or load it up via your web browser:

Load up the app on your chosen platform, login and you will be immediately able to play with the CloudFit system, including browsing sample workouts and creating your own.

2. The CloudFit TV application

We highly recommend trying out CloudFit with one of the below devices prior to actually doing a full install in your gym or fitness space. An iPad is a low effort way to try it out. Or you can get a TV device and plug it into an existing TV.

That way you can make sure CloudFit works well for your use-case prior to spending time and effort setting things up.

To actually show the workouts on TV displays, we provide the CloudFit TV application. This application pairs with the CloudFit controller / mobile application (above) after which you can control one or many paired displays seamlessly.

The CloudFit TV application runs on select consumer hardware from Apple and Google, please see our help article on the exact hardware required. You will need to purchase a device for each display you want to connect to CloudFit. The TV devices connect via standard HDMI to any TV or projector in your gym.

Please see our individual installation help guides for each device type:

Once the the device is set up and running the CloudFit TV app, you will want to pair the device to your main CloudFit controller application.

3. Running Your First Workout

Once you have the hardware set up, applications installed and paired together, you're now ready to run your first workout. Browse to one of our sample workouts in the CloudFit controller application and hit the big green "Start Workout" button to try it out!

4. Setting Up the Gym for CloudFit

Once you are confident CloudFit works well for your fitness business, you should make a plan to install and set up the hardware in your physical space. Everyone's requirements will be different but here are some general recommendations:

  • CloudFit supports up to 15 paired displays, so plan set up as many displays as makes sense for your space and workout style. We see a lot of gyms use 3-5 displays, however we also see a lot use many more as well!

  • For TV size, we recommend 50” TVs or larger so content is clearly visible

  • Set up the TVs in landscape orientation anywhere in your space that makes sense

  • Each TV will need its own TV device (Apple TV or Chromecast) - this is so that CloudFit can display different content on each

    • Make sure you have sufficient power nearby for each TV and TV device

  • A strong WiFi signal is fine to connect the devices to your network (you can optionally hardware to ethernet but it's not usually needed)

  • Plan a location in your space to hold the remotes for the TV and TV devices

  • We also highly recommend buying a dedicated controller device that all trainers can share and is always available to use (a standard smartphone or iPad mini works well)

5. Creating Your Workouts Using Modules

CloudFit uses workout "modules" to construct a workout. You can view any of the sample workouts to see the modules it contains. The modules run one of the other in a timeline to make up the entire workout.

See our help article on adding modules to workouts to get started.

6. Additional Resources to Learn More

Congratulations, you're set up and ready to go! CloudFit is a super flexible and customizable system so there's a lot more to learn when you're ready. Here are some great resources to learn more:

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