Adding modules to workouts
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All CloudFit workouts are built using components called Modules. Each module is unique and have their own unique configuration options.
You build workouts by adding modules which will run in sequential order; Module 1 will play, followed by Module 2 and so on and so forth. When there are no more modules to play the workout ends automatically.

To add your first module to your workout click on the "Add Module" button.


Select the module you'd like to add;

  • Whiteboard - Great for advertising, messaging, warm ups etc

  • Circuit - Grid display for traditional Circuit, clients move from station to station

  • Timebox - Flexible module that can be configured for almost anything

  • Demo - Demonstrate exercises from other modules as an intro

  • Flow - Shows one exercise after the other; exercises done sequentially

  • Zones - Mini circuits within a larger circuit

Repeat the above steps to add more modules until you've created your own unique workout.
Once you have finished adding and configuring all your modules your workout is ready to run!

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