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CloudFit TV - Supported Hardware
CloudFit TV - Supported Hardware

List of devices that are currently supported by the CloudFit TV app

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The CloudFit platform consists of 2 seperate applications:

  1. The CloudFit smartphone app (red app Icon) - this is used to control, configure and build your workouts on your smartphone. Instructions for installing the smartphone app on iPhone and Android.

  2. The CloudFit TV app (black app Icon) - this is used to display

This page lists hardware that can run CloudFit TV. These devices are the only ones that we support and you won't be able to find the CloudFit TV app unless you are accessing the App store using one of these devices.

Supported Apple Hardware

Apple TV HD (Model Number - A1625)

Apple TV 4K (Model Number - A1842, A2169, MXH02X/A)
✅ ​Apple iPad

  • iPad Air (3rd Gen+)

  • iPad Pro (3rd Gen+)

  • iPad Mini (5th Gen+)

  • iPad (8th Gen+)

Supported Google Hardware

Unsupported Google Hardware

❌ Google Chromecast with Google TV HD (Model GA03131)
❌ TVs with built-in Chromecast or Android TV or Android TV devices from any other manufacturer


  • Only the 4K Google Chromecast with Google TV is supported and can display up to 8 videos

  • Apple devices can support up to 12 videos

  • You can mix ecosystems ie. pair an Android Phone with Apple TV or a iPhone with Chromecast

The easiest way to find the TV apps is to search the app stores of the respective platforms for "CloudFit TV". Please see our installation instructions:

However, here are the direct links as well for reference:

Note: Although you can mix and match different display hardware we highly recommend using the same hardware to ensure consistency in how things are displayed.

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