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Whiteboard Modules

Learn about the Flexi Whiteboard and Digital Whiteboard module and configuration options

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The whiteboard modules are used to display custom text and/or custom images combined with a workout timer. You can think of them as a replacement for a traditional physical whiteboard.

There are two whiteboard modules:

  • Flexi Whiteboard module (recommended) - this the most configurable whiteboard module that takes advantage of Flexi Timings to configure any timing you may want.

  • Digital Whiteboard module - this is a much simpler module that can display a single set timer and has fewer options to configure.

Protip: Use Canva, Adobe Spark, Photoshop or other similarly powerful image editors to really take your Whiteboard module to the next level. Create full colour designs including custom fonts and images which you can then export and upload to CloudFit. Please ensure your image is 1920x1080 for the best looking results.

Configuration Options


  • Flexi Timings (Flexi Whiteboard only) - configure the exact timings you want for the timer, see the Flexi Timings help article for more information

  • Duration (Digital Whiteboard only) - configure a single duration for the whiteboard

Whiteboard Text

Use the rich text editor to configure the text to be show on the whiteboard.

Background Image

A random image from the CloudFit library will be used as the background for whiteboards. You can upload your own custom background image to suit your needs. Please ensure images are 1920x1080 for best results.

Module Name

Provide a custom name for the module. This is not shown to the class at all and is just used for your own organizational purposes.

Module Repeats

The number of times to repeat this module before moving onto the next module.


  • Flexi Whiteboard - choose the sound that plays at the start of each workout period.

  • Digital Whiteboard - choose the sound that plays once at the start of the module.

Countdown Timer*

*Digital Whiteboard only

Choose if the timer should be visible or hidden.


*Flexi Whiteboard only

Choose if the whiteboard text should show on the left, right or be hidden completely.

Brand Logo

Choose if your brand logo should be displayed.

Timers & Sets

*Flexi Whiteboard only

Choose if the timer and set counter should be displayed or hidden.

Timer Style

Choose if the timer should count downwards or count upwards.

Dim Background

By default background images are slightly dimmed to ensure text and timers can be seen clearly. This option allows you to disable the dimming. This can be useful when a custom background image includes text itself and you would want that text to be visible clearly.


There are many combinations and layouts for using the Whiteboard modules. The following are just a few examples.

Flexi Whiteboard with text on left, displaying logo, timer and sets remaining

Flexi Whiteboard with text on right, displaying timer and sets remaining

Flexi Whiteboard with text on left, displaying only logo and hiding timer and sets

Flexi Whiteboard with text hidden, full screen timer with logo and sets remaining

Digital Whiteboard with text, custom background, logo enabled, timer enabled

Digital Whiteboard with no text, Custom Background, timer enabled, logo disabled.

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