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Learn about the Demo module and configuration options

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The Demo module is used to display exercises one by one that will be performed during the workout for the purposes of explaining and demonstrating the exercises to a class.

The main configuration parameter is "Linked Modules" which lets you automatically attach exercises from other modules (such as Circuit or Flexi Exercises modules). Whenever you change or update the exercises in the linked modules, the Demo module exercises will also be updated.

Example: Linking a Circuit module with 4 exercises and a Flexi Exercises module with 2 exercises will result in the Demo module including all 6 exercises.

Configuration Options

​Module Time

This is a read-only field and is automatically calculated. It lets you know how long the module will run based on the configuration options specified.

Linked Modules

The other modules that are linked to this Demo module. The exercises from those modules will be automatically imported and kept up-to-date in the Demo module.

Linked Exercises

This is a read-only field and is automatically calculated. It lets you know how many exercises are linked from other modules (based on the Linked Modules).

Demo Time Per Exercise

How long each exercise will be demoed/shown for.

Module Name

Provide a custom name for the module. This is not shown to the class at all and is just used for your own organizational purposes.


Choose the sound that plays at the start of each workout period.

Remove Duplicates

If enabled, removes any duplicates in the Linked Exercises list. Only the first instance of an exercise is kept.

Incrementing Number Labels

If enabled, the number labels on the demo exercises will go in incrementing order / sequence (1, 2, 3, 4...). If disabled the number labels matching the source Linked Module will be used instead (including any custom number labels that are set).

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