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Advanced Settings

Details on advanced CloudFit settings

Updated over a week ago

There are a number of advanced settings that may be useful or interesting. In general, we don't recommend touching these unless there is a specific reason or goal.

You can find these under Settings -> Advanced Settings.

Reset Playback State

This will reset your account's workout playback state to "workout stopped". This isn't usually needed but in rare cases your workout may get stuck in a "workout running" state and this will override that and reset everything.

Server Time Sync

Configures how your displays timers stay in synchronization. If you find the timers are not in sync, then you can try toggling this option.

Swipe to Delete Confirmation

When swiping to delete an exercise while managing exercises inside a module -- this will add a confirmation to avoid accidental exercise deletions.

End of Workout Signal

Let's you choose what signifies the "end of workout". Usually the app triggers end of workout, however, in some rare cases the app can end the workout when it's still running. Switching this to "Displays will trigger end of workout" will avoid the app stopping a workout by accident.

Pause Overlay on Displays

When pausing a workout, your paired displays will show an overlay that says "Workout Paused". If you prefer not to have an overlay (but the workout will still be paused) then you can turn it off with this setting.

Pause overlay enabled

Pause overlay on

Pause overlay disabled

Pause overlay off

Video Grid Crop-In

Note - this setting only works when there is at least 1 custom exercise video displayed.

Exercise videos usually show at their native size / resolution (known as "16:9 video"). However, this can leave some empty space on your displays. You can optionally choose to "crop in" on the videos to make them fill up more of he screen. However, doing this will chop off a bit of the sides or top/bottom of the video. You can choose from a few settings here:

  • No crop (recommended) - this is the default and what we recommend.

  • Crop-in - small - this will crop-in slightly, taking up more space on the displays with only a small bit of the video being cut off

  • Crop-in - medium & large - these will crop-in more, filling more of the space on the displays again with more of the videos being cut off

  • Full crop (not recommended) - this will fully crop the video in, meaning the displays will be completely filled with exercise videos (no empty space) but with maximum amount of the video being cut off

Examples, in order: No crop, medium crop, full crop.

Refresh Exercise Database

This will refresh your exercise video database on the device. This is not usually needed, however, if there are multiple users uploading/modifying custom exercise videos at once then there's a chance the database gets out of sync. Using this feature will ensure the database is up-to-date again.

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