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Workout Controls
Updated over a week ago

Once you've pressed "Start" on your workout you will notice the CloudFit app changes to the "Workout Controller" view. At this point your workouts should be playing on all your connected CloudFit TV displays which you can now control using the CloudFit app.

The Controller view also allows you to see some basic information about the workout that is currently running. This includes things such as which module is currently running, the amount of time the workout has been running for and the time left in the current workout.

There are also basic controls allow you to:

  • Previous Module - Click once to return to the start of the current module / Click twice to go to start of Previous Module.

  • Pause/Resume Workout - Pause workout / Resume workout.

  • Stop Workout - Stop the workout and go back to the home screen.

  • Skip to Next Module - Go to the start of the next module in the workout.

Finally, there is a small button preview button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this button will start the "mini player". This is essentially for users that haven't yet had a chance to pair a CloudFit TV display but still want to see what it might look like on the big screen.

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