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How do I cast workouts to my TV?
How do I cast workouts to my TV?
Updated over a week ago

We like to do things a little differently here at CloudFit HQ and we don't actually support casting. Although "casting" can work for other products the main limitation is that it isn't possible to "cast" different content to multiple screens at the same time.

So how exactly do you get your workouts displaying on your TVs?

We've developed a propriety method that involves two seperate apps.

  1. CloudFit app - Controller on your phone

  2. CloudFit TV app - Installed on your display hardware (link to hardware). This is a dedicated listener app that receives instructions from the CloudFit app.

These two apps are linked through the pairing process (link to article). Once linked CloudFit TV will sit idle until it receives a signal or instructions from CloudFit.

When you press the Start button on your CloudFit controller all your connected CloudFit TVs will automatically retrieve the required videos/assets and start your workouts. You can then control the TVs using your CloudFit app. (link to workout controls)

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