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Whiteboard Module and Configuration Options
Whiteboard Module and Configuration Options
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The Whiteboard module is used to display information similar to a traditional whiteboard. This module can also be used to display advertising, messaging or a simple timer.

CloudFit includes a basic text editor you can use to add text and other formatting to your Whiteboard Module.

Protip: Use Canva, Adobe Spark, Photoshop or other similarly powerful image editors to really take your Whiteboard module to the next level. Create full colour designs including custom fonts and images which you can then export and upload to CloudFit. Please ensure your image is 1920x1080 for the best looking results.

Countdown Timer

Show the count down time. Configuration Options

Module Name

Custom Name for your module; eg Warm Up.
โ€‹Module Repeats

The number of times to repeat this module before moving onto the next module.

Whiteboard Text

Text to be show on the whiteboard.

Countdown Timer

Show or hide the count down time.

Brand Logo

Show or hide your logo.

Background Image

A random image from the CloudFit library will be used as the background for whiteboards. You can upload your own custom background image to suit your needs. Please ensure images are 1920x1080 for best results.

Dim Background

By default background images are slightly dimmed to ensure texts and timers can be seen clearly. You can set dimming of your background image to Off to suit your purposes.

Custom name for your module

Depending on which configuration options you select CloudFit will display the Whiteboard module in a few different ways. Please see below for examples.

Whiteboard with text, custom background, logo enabled, timer enabled


Whiteboard with text, default background, logo disabled, timer enabled


Whiteboard with no text, Custom Background, timer enabled, logo disabled.

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