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Timebox Module and Configuration Options
Timebox Module and Configuration Options
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The Timebox module is our most useful and flexible module. It can be used for many different training styles and modalities.

Typically it is used to display a group of exercises videos which are meant to be done in a group, these movements generally don't have to be done in any particular order or under a strict time limit.

For example, you may suggestion 4 exercises to be completed within the "Timebox limit" of 5 minutes in no particular order.

Examples on what you could use a Timebox Module for:

  • Effort Based Style Workouts such as EMOM / AMRAP

  • Advertising / Intro Videos

  • 24/7 Unattended Setups

  • Displaying Exercises only without a Timer

Module Configuration Options

Module Name

Custom Name for your module; eg Warm Up.

Module Time

This is automatically calculated and lets you know how long your module will run for based on the configuration options you've specified.


List of Exercises to be displayed for his module

Exercise Display Mode

Allows you to specify how Exercise Videos are displayed and spread across your connected CloudFit TV displays.

By default this is set to "Automatic", which means CloudFit will equally distribute exercise videos across all your connected CloudFit TV displays.

"Mirror" will display all exercises on all your connected CloudFit TV displays. Your displays will look identical.

"Manual" allows you to manually assign exercises videos to specific CloudFit TV displays. This is useful when you want an uneven distribution of exercises videos or if you just wanted a greater level of control.

Exercise Numbering Mode

Turn on or Off numbering of exercises. The numbers are displayed sequentially in the top left hand corner of each exercise video.


Select the sound that will play for intervals, ie, stop/start sounds. Beep, Double Beep, Ding

Module Repeat
The number of times that this module will repeat before moving onto the next module.


The number of Sets CloudFit will count for.

Work Time

The length of time to display each set.

Rest Time

The time to rest between each set.


"Normal" - Display logo, Timer and Progress bar

"Logo Exercises" - Display logo and Exercise Videos only. Timers will still be active but won't be displayed.

"Only Exercises" - Display Exercise Videos only. Timers will still be active but won't be displayed.

Timer Style

By default eat set in the Timebox will have a countdown timer. This can be changed to Count Up to suit your requirements.

Get Ready

Display a "Get Ready" timer before starting the Timebox module. This is useful to allow clients to move into position ahead of time.


By enabling this button you will be able to specify different work/rest timings for each set.

For example 3 sets with 40/20, 30/20, 20/20 timings.

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