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Timebox Module

Learn about the Timebox module and configuration options

Updated over a week ago

We highly recommend using the newer Flexi Exercises module instead of the Timebox module now as it provides the same functionality but with the added configurability of Flexi Timings.

The Timebox module can be used for many different training styles and modalities.

Typically it is used to display a group of exercises videos which are meant to be done in a group, these movements generally don't have to be done in any particular order or under a strict time limit.

For example, you may suggestion 4 exercises to be completed within the "Timebox limit" of 5 minutes in no particular order.

Examples on what you could use a Timebox Module for:

  • Effort Based Style Workouts such as EMOM / AMRAP

  • Advertising / Intro Videos

  • 24/7 Unattended Setups

  • Displaying Exercises only without a Timer

Module Configuration Options

​​Module Time

This is a read-only field and is automatically calculated. It lets you know how long your module will run for based on the configuration options you've specified.


Choose and configure the exercise videos to show on your displays.


The number of sets to repeat the work/rest time.

Work Time

The standard "work" time for each set.

Rest Time

The standard "rest" time for each set.

Module Name

Provide a custom name for the module. This is not shown to the class at all and is just used for your own organizational purposes.

Exercise Display Mode

Choose how exercises are distributed on your displays:

  • Automatic mode distributes exercises optimally across available displays

  • Manual mode allows you to choose which exercises show on which displays

  • Mirror mode shows all exercises on all displays

​Exercise Ordering & Numbers

Choose the ordering of exercises on your displays as well as the exercise number label that shows on each exercise. See this dedicated help article for in-depth information.


Choose the sound that plays at the start of each workout period.

​Module Repeats

The number of times that this module will repeat before moving onto the next module.


  • "Normal" - Display logo, Timer and Progress bar

  • "Logo Exercises" - Display logo and Exercise Videos only. Timers will still be active but won't be displayed.

  • "Only Exercises" - Display Exercise Videos only. Timers will still be active but won't be displayed.

Timer Style

Choose if the timer should count downwards or count upwards.

Get Ready

A "get ready" countdown that shows at the start of the module. It can be disabled if the time is set to zero.

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