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Zones Module and Configuration Options
Zones Module and Configuration Options
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The Zones Module is used when you want to spilt your workouts across several different mini circuits based on a work/rest timer. A zone is a group of exercises that forms part of a workout. Exercises in a zone need to be completed before moving onto the next zone.

A typical example would be when you have 6 exercise across 3 zones. Clients will have to complete 2 exercises in each zone after which they will move onto the next zone. The workout is complete once clients have completed all zones.

Module Configuration Options

Module Name

Custom Name for your module; eg Circuit.
​Module Time

This is automatically calculated and lets you know how long your module will run for based on the configuration options you've specified.


List of Exercises to be displayed for his module

Exercise Display Mode

Allows you to specify how Exercise Videos are displayed and spread across your connected CloudFit TV displays.

By default this is set to "Automatic", which means CloudFit will equally distribute exercise videos across all your connected CloudFit TV displays.

"Mirror" will display all exercises on all your connected CloudFit TV displays. Your displays will look identical.

"Manual" allows you to manually assign exercises videos to specific CloudFit TV displays. This is useful when you want an uneven distribution of exercises videos or if you just wanted a greater level of control.


Select the sound that will play for intervals, ie, stop/start sounds. Beep, Double Beep, Ding.
​Module Repeat
The number of times that this module will repeat before moving onto the next module.

Number of Zones

The number of Zones / Pods / Mini circuits to be created as part of this module.

Zone Laps

Number of laps clients will perform per Zone before moving onto the next Zone.

Zone Label Style

How each exercise station will be labelled and grouped. Select from:

A1, A2, B1, B2 etc

1A, 1B, 2A, 2B etc

1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 etc

1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2 etc

You can override and change the custom labels for each station as well.

Number of Drink Breaks

This number is calculated automatically based on the number of zones. A drink break period is added to the end of each zone. ie a 3 zone workout will have 2 drink breaks.

Drink Break Length

Length of time allocated for drink breaks between laps. You can set this to "0" to skip drink breaks.

Skip Final Drink Break

A drink break is automatically assign to the end of each lap, except the final lap by default. You can change this setting to include the final drink break if it is better suited to your training style.

Sets Per Station

The number of Sets to be completed at each exercise station before moving onto the next station.

Work Time

The length of time assigned to each exercise station.

Rest Time

The length of time to rest between each set.

Get Ready

Display a "Get Ready" timer before starting the Timebox module. This is useful to allow clients to move into position ahead of time.


By enabling this button you will be able to specify different work/rest timings for each set.

For example 3 sets with 40/20, 30/20, 20/20 timings.

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