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Creating an AMRAP Style Workout
Creating an AMRAP Style Workout
Updated over a week ago

AMRAP or "as many rounds as possible" is a popular workout. In this article we will go through a step by step on how to create an AMRAP workout using the Timebox Module in CloudFit.


Specifically, in this example we will be looking to create a 12 minute AMRAP with 4 exercises and custom labels and a count down timer.
We are going to assuming in this workout you will be displaying the same thing across all your CloudFit TV displays.

Firstly; start by adding a Timebox Module to your workout. Once you've added your Timebox Module we can start adding the exercises to the module. Click on Timebox module you just added and click on "Add Exercises".

In this example we've selected Barbell Deadlift, Push Up, Russian Twist and Bent Over Row.

Next, we're going to add some custom labels to the exercise. Click on the three dots on the right next to Barbell Deadlift and select, "Add Label".

Type "A1. Barbell Deadlift x 12" and click Save. Repeat the above for the other exercises until you've added all your labels. Once you're done it should look similar to this.

Next, we're going to go back and make all your connected screens display the same thing. Click on the arrow on the top left to go back to the module configuration. Scroll down to find "Exercise Display Mode" and change it to "Mirror". This will make all your connected displays show the same thing.

Finally to finish up we need to going to change "Timebox Duration" to 12 Minutes. Your module settings should look similar to this.

That's it! Well done. You've created a 12min AMRAP workout with 4 exercises! Feel free to adjust or change any of the settings to suit your workout style.

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