Exercise Display Modes
Updated over a week ago

CloudFit can display your exercises across the screens in a few different ways.

AUTOMATIC By default, exercises are automatically spilt evenly across all connected screens. ie, if you had 8 exercises and 2 screens, Automatic mode will display exercises 1-4 on screen one and exercises 5-8 on the second screen.
You are still able to reorder by dragging and dropping particular exercises to another screen but they are always distributed evenly between all your screens.


MANUAL Manual mode allows you to manually assign exercises to each individual screen. This is useful when you'd like to uneven spilt of exercises between screens. For example you could have exercises 1-6 on the first screen and exercises 7-8 on the second screen.


MIRROR Mirror mode means that all connected screens will display the same thing. In the above example, exercises 1-8 will be displayed on both screen 1 and screen 2.

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