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Demo Module and Configuration Options
Demo Module and Configuration Options
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The Demo module is used to Display exercises that will be performed during the workout.

The main configuration parameter is Linked Modules. When you select the Linked Modules, the demo module will display all the exercises that are within those linked modules.

Example: Linking a Circuit Module with 4 exercises and a Timebox Module with 2 exercises; will result in the Demo module playing all 6 exercises from the other two modules.

Module Configuration Options

Module Name

Custom Name for your module; eg Demo Module.
โ€‹Module Time

This is automatically calculated and lets you know how long your module will run for based on the configuration options you've specified.

Demo Time Per Exercise

How long each exercise will be shown for.


Select the sound that will be played between exercise demonstration

Linked Modules

The Demo module displays exercises from other modules within your workout. This is the list modules that will be included.

Linked Exercises

Number of Exercises that will be showed based on how many modules are linked in the previous configuration option.

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