In order to get the workouts you've built onto a TV you'll need to pair your CloudFit app to your CloudFit TV app. In order to do this we're assuming that you've already completed the following steps:

  1. Purchased and installed the relevant hardware. (link to article)

  2. Downloaded the CloudFit TV app onto said hardware. (link to article)

Open the CloudFit TV app on your device; you should see a 6 Digit Pairing code. Similar to the screenshot below.


Open the CloudFit app on your phone or computer to start the pairing process.

Click on the "Pair your first workout display!" button and enter the six digit pairing code to complete the process.

Congratulations you've paired your first display!! Repeat these steps to connect additional displays. Once connected your CloudFit TV displays can be controlled by the CloudFit app from anywhere in the world as long as all devices have an active internet connection.

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