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Pairing CloudFit to CloudFit TV
Pairing CloudFit to CloudFit TV

Download the CloudFit TV App and Pair it to your CloudFit phone App.

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So you've already downloaded the CloudFit app on your phone and now you're ready to display your workouts on a TV. In order to do this, you will need to pair CloudFit with the CloudFit TV app.
​CloudFit TV can only be downloaded on the following hardware:

CloudFit TV is NOT available:

  • On any Android TV out of the box, you must have the right hardware above

  • via Chromecasting

  • as a APK

Using your remote control, open the App Store and search for "CloudFit TV". If you are unable to find CloudFit TV then you are probably not using the correct hardware.
Download and open the CloudFit TV app, you should see a 6 Digit Pairing code, you will need to enter this code into your CloudFit app on your phone or computer.

Open the CloudFit app on your phone or computer.
Click on the "Pair your first workout display!" button and enter the Pairing code.

Congratulations you've paired your first display!! Repeat these steps to connect additional displays. Once connected your CloudFit TV displays can be controlled by the CloudFit app from anywhere in the world as long as all devices have an active internet connection.

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