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Get Started with CloudFit
What do I need to get started with CloudFit?
What do I need to get started with CloudFit?
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CloudFit is a complete platform to digitally display workouts in your fitness business using off the shelf hardware. You've probably already got most of it.

There's a lots of advanced ways to setup CloudFit but we'll go through the bare minimum single display checklist. You can always add more displays later to suit your needs.

  • Controller - Either Apple iPhone OR Android Phone OR iPad Pro

  • Display - Apple TV (4th Generation or Newer) Connected to a TV OR iPad Pro.

  • Active Broadband Internet Connection

You'll also need the following information handy.

  • Apple ID. If you don't have one you'll be asked to create on before you can download CloudFit TV on your Apple devices.

  • To sign up to CloudFit you'll need to use either an Email Address, Google Account, Apple ID or Facebook Account.

Once you've got all these you can get started here with our Step by Step installation guide.

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