Module Management
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Modules form the basis building blocks of workouts in CloudFit. Each and every workout is made up of one or more modules.

If you click on the three vertical dots located on the right of each module you will be presented with a list of actions you can perform on a module:

Edit - Allows you to configure and edit timings, add/remove exercises etc from your module.

Copy - This function will create a copy of the module within the same workout.

Copy to - This function allows you to copy the module to different workout

Delete - Delete the module from the workout (Please note this action cannot be undone)

From time to time, you may find the need to reorder modules as well. This function can easily be performed.

Reordering modules: To reorder a module, press and hold the module for 1 second. This long press will activate the reorder function. You will notice that the module is now movable. Simple drag and drop the module to its new location within the workout and lift your finger to place it.

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