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The sound isn't working on CloudFit TV
The sound isn't working on CloudFit TV

Basic troubleshooting to help fix problems with sound not playing on your CloudFit TVs

Updated over a week ago

You can't hear any sound coming out of the CloudFit TVs, ie the audio cues.

The first step to confirm the issue is actually something to do with CloudFit or your hardware configuration.

Using your connected Apple TV or Chromecast with Google TV, navigate to another app, ie Youtube or Spotify and see if you can play a video or song. If you still don't hear any sound then the issue is NOT with CloudFit.

You should refer to the device manufacturer for other troubleshooting issues. It could be something as simple as the volume on the TV has been turned down or a misconfigured HDMI connection of some sort.

If you do hear audio coming from your device, try to open the CloudFit app and run a workout again. If there's no audio, please get in touch with our support team and we try to help resolve the issue.

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