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Custom Videos

CloudFit allows you to upload your own videos and use them alongside the current built in exercise library. These videos are only visible on your own account. 


In the free version of CloudFit you can have up to 5 custom videos, while business users can use up to 1,000. If you need more than that or have some other requirements please reach out to us to discuss your needs.



You can name your video anything you want. However its important to note that if you give it the same name as an inbuilt CloudFit video then your video replaces the original. This is not permanent. If you delete your custom video then the CloudFit video will be restored.  


Recording / Uploading Exercises

Once you've named your video you can either record a video directly from your phone (you may be prompted to allow camera access on your device) or you can upload one that you recorded earlier. 


Adding Custom Videos to your workouts
Adding custom videos to your works can be done in exactly the same way as adding any other exercise. Simply search and add them. Click here for more details on how to add exercises to your workouts. 

You can also adjust the search filter to display only your custom videos like the screenshot below. If only "Custom" type is selected CloudFit will only display your custom exercises.  



Custom Video recommendations and specifications:

16:9 landscape.

1080 HD Resolution is recommended.

Video length is restricted to 20 seconds.

We recommend using a 3rd party video editor such as iMovie to ensure you video loops smoothly.

We also recommend using a lighter background and strong studio lighting for best results.

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