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Workout Controls

Once your workout has started you'll notice the CloudFit app changes to the Controller view. 


In the example above you can see that the workout currently running is called Metabolic Conditioning and has 13 modules and runs for 1 Hour.

From this view you can see the progress which is currently running the "Demo Module" section of the workout. Just below that you can see the Progress Bar, which you can use to move to any part of the workout timeline by sliding your finger along.

Finally, you also have access to the follow controls from left to right with the following functions:

  • Previous Module - Click once to return to the start of the current module / Click twice to go to start of Previous Module
  • Pause/Resume Workout - Pause workout / Resume workout
  • Stop Workout - Stop the workout
  • Next Module - Go to the start of the next module in the workout


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