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Flow Module and Configuration Options

The Flow Module is designed to display a single exercise on the screen at a time, with the next exercise to be performed displayed in a smaller window. 

It is typically used in settings where all clients perform the same exercises at the same time before moving onto the next exercise based on a work/rest timer. 

Examples on what you could use the for Flow Module:

  • Instructor based workouts where clients are expected to follow the leader
  • Warm ups
  • Online Streaming 
Module Name Custom name for your module
Exercises List of exercises to be displayed in the module
Exercise Numbering Mode Sequential/Off
Sound Select the sound to play for intervals
Time On How long each exercise should be performed for
Time Off Rest Time before performing the next exercise
Sets Per Station Number of times each exercise is to be performed before moving onto the next
Get Ready Countdown before module begins. Useful to help clients get into position. Displays with show exercises within the module greyed out and with a countdown timer, ie 30 seconds before workouts starts.