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Zones Module and Configuration Options

The Zones Module is used when you want to spilt your workouts across several different mini circuits based on a work/rest timer. A zone is a group of exercises that forms part of a workout. Exercises in a zone are need to be completed before moving onto the next zone. 

A typical example would be when you have 6 exercise across 3 zones. Clients will have to complete 2 exercises in each zone after which they will move onto the next zone. The workout is complete once clients have completed all zones. 

Module Name Custom name for your module
Exercises List of exercises that form part of this module
Exercise Display Mode Automatic - Spilt the exercises equally across available displays
Manual - Manually assign exercises to displays 
Mirror - Display all exercises across all available displays
Sound Select the beep sounds for intervals
Number of Zones Select the number of zones or groups of exercises
Zone Laps

Number of times clients must complete entire set of zone exercises before moving onto the next zone.

For example; if you set zone laps to 2 clients will perform:

(exercise 1, exercise 2) THEN (exercise 1, exercise 2)

before moving onto the next zone. 

Zone Label Styles

Select the how you'd like to label your exercises within your zones. 

A1, 1A, 1.1, 1-1

For example: Zone 1 (A1, A2) AND Zone 2 (B1, B2) 

Drink Break Length

After completing a zone; how long should the drink break be.

Sets Per Station

Number of times each exercise is perform before moving onto the next exercise.

For example if you change Sets Per Station to 2 then clients will perform

(exercise 1, exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 2)


(exercise 1, exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 2) 

Before moving onto the next zone. 

Work Time

Length of time each exercise needs to be performed

Rest Time

Length of time for resting between each set

Get Ready

Countdown before module begins. Useful to help clients get into position. Displays with show exercises within the module greyed out and with a countdown timer, ie 30 seconds before workouts starts.  

Delete Module

Delete the current module from your workout