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Timebox Module and Configuration Options

The Timebox module is used to display a group of exercises that are meant to be done in a group. Traditionally this can be used to create an AMRAP or EMOM style workout. 

Configuration Options / Function

Exercises List of exercises that will be displayed as part of the Timebox module
Exercise Display Mode Automatic - Spilt the exercises equally across available displays
Manual - Manually assign exercises to displays 
Mirror - Display all exercises across all available displays
Exercise Numbering Mode Sequential - Number exercises on screen in sequential order, ie 1,2,3,4,5,6
Off - Turn off numbering of exercises on displays
Sound Select the beep sounds for intervals
Timbox Duration How long to display the Timebox module for
Timer Style

Timer Off - Don't display timer
Count Up - Display timer starting from zero and count up until the end of the duration specified in "Timebox Duration" 
Count Down - Display timer starting with the duration set in "Timebox Duration" and count down to zero. 

Get Ready

Countdown before module begins. Useful to help clients get into position. Displays with show exercises within the module greyed out and with a countdown timer, ie 30 seconds before workouts starts.  

Delete Module Delete this module from your workout