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Whiteboard Module and Configuration Options

The Whiteboard module primary function is to display information similar to a traditional whiteboard. You can use this module to display advertising, a simple timer and set custom backgrounds.

You can customise the text using different text sizes and formatting such as bullet points/bold/italics etc. If you leave the text field empty CloudFit will center the timer and logo. 

You can also disable the timer and logo and just use text or a full image to communicate your message. If you want to use a full image on the Apple TV ensure your image is 1920x1080 for the best looking result. 

Whiteboard with text, custom background, logo enabled, timer enabled Screen_Shot_2020-07-03_at_8.25.13_am.png
Whiteboard with text, default background, logo disabled, timer enabled Screen_Shot_2020-07-09_at_8.18.01_am.png
Whiteboard with no text, Custom Background, timer enabled, logo disabled.  Screen_Shot_2020-07-03_at_8.25.51_am.png


Configuration Options / Function

Module Name Custom name for your module
Duration How long to display the whiteboard module for
Whiteboard Text Text to display on the whiteboard
Count Down Timer Show/Hide the "Duration" on the whiteboard
Brand Logo Show/Hide your logo on the whiteboard
Background Image Upload your own background image for the whiteboard; if this is set to default a random background from our library will be displayed. Use images that are 1920x1080 for the best looking results. 
Delete Module Delete this whiteboard module from your workout


Custom name for your module