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Installing CloudFit TV on Apple TV

Installing CloudFit TV onto your Apple TV:

Let’s start by getting your Apple TV setup and connected to your TV. The following link walk you through how to do that. If you’ve already connected your Apple TV you can skip this step.


Downloading and Installing the CloudFit TV app on your Apple TV. 

Use your Apple Remote to open the App Store on your Apple TV.


Click on the Search tab and type in “CloudFit TV”



Click on CloudFit TV and select the Get Icon get.png  to start downloading the App. You might be asked to enter your Apple ID or password to allow the downloading. 

Well done!! You’ve installed CloudFit TV on your Apple TV!! Click on the CloudFit TV icon to launch the App. You will notice that the screen displays a “Pairing Code”.



Well done. You're ready to pair your first display